Pardon The Interruption

‘Pardon the Interruption’ is one of my favorite sports shows on television. In this fast-paced, half-hour program, Washington D.C. sports writers Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon have heated debates on the headlines in sports and a bit of pop culture to boot. The pair engage in high-energy discussions, conduct interviews and often argue over the day’s hottest topics.

For this promotional photoshoot, I enjoyed working with my good friend, and producer of ‘Pardon the Interruption’, Bonnie Berko. Hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon kept me laughing with their hilarious commentary and entertaining anecdotes. It is clear that Tony and Michael have amazing chemistry. Their banter, arguing styles, quick wits, and senses of humor make for a fun, irreverent, and interesting look at today's sports news. For those curious about what goes down behind the scenes, my most notable and amusing discovery was that Michael Wilbon wears shorts during all of his broadcasts!