Pinstripes North Bethesda

The strategic vision of Pinstripes is to “offer people an alternative way to connect with others and have fun.” With this concept in mind, Pinstripes was created to allow people to combine fun (bowling/bocce) with exceptional food/wine (bistro), while connecting with others in the community. Their main idea is to accentuate the duality of bocce and bowling, Italian and American cuisine and wines, and gelato and ice cream. Furthermore, they combined the standard open-play of bowling/bocce/dining with a substantial focus on private events.

The new Pinstripes location at Pike & Rose in North Bethesda offers a unique variety of entertainment and events every day of the week. Everyone can enjoy the delicious made-from-scratch Italian-American cuisine during Sunday Brunch with the family, happy hour after work, or a night of bowling and bocce. Pinstripes is one of the few spots that provides the best of both worlds: great food along with fun group activities!



I have been involved with the JFGH foundation for the past two decades, and was thrilled to be a part of the 35th annual JFGH Gala at the Strathmore Music Center with chairs Lisa Reiner and Pamela Rosenberg.

The Jewish Foundation for Group Homes is a wonderful nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the independence, dignity, choice, and community inclusion of individuals with disabilities, regardless of faith or creed.

JFGH is committed to providing individuals with developmental disabilities and/or chronic mental disorders with the opportunity to live independently within the community with dignity, personal choice, and respect while offering the opportunity to experience Jewish life and supporting others with the opportunity to practice their own faith.