The Inaugural Purple Ball

The 2009 Inaugural Purple Ball was held at the Washington Convention Center. With a special tribute to the American troops, the Inaugural Purple Ball promises to be a night full of musical performances, toasts, and champagne.

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In honor of President-Elect Barack Obama’s Historic Inauguration, this exclusive formal ball was hosted in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC, the evening of the Inauguration Ceremony. It was a night of celebration and elegance designed to bring together the most influential and diverse leaders of our nation. In honor of bipartisanship, diversity, and to honor our Troops and War Veterans, President-elect Barack Obama’s Campaign Surrogates and Endorsers joined from around the nation at “The most spectacular and elite Inauguration celebration.”

Guests were surrounded by carefully laid lush purple velvet, crystals, and the best champagne from Moet & Chandon. As part of the evening, there was a delicious champagne dinner. Also, payed a special tribute to our veterans and troops.